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Stanford Law School

The information presented in the table below is arranged alphabetically by title. Additional information is available on the Stanford Law School website.

Title Current Holder
The William F. Baxter-VISA International Professorship in Law Curtis Milhaupt
The Charles A. Beardsley Professorship in Law James F. Strnad
The Bernard Bergreen Faculty Scholar David Freeman Engstrom
The Paul Brest Professorship To Be Named
The C. Wendell and Edith M. Carlsmith Professorship at Stanford Law School John J. Donohue III
The Warren Christopher Professorship in the Practice of International Law and Diplomacy Alan O. Sykes
The Luke W. Cole Professorship in Environmental Law and Directorship of the Stanford Environmental Law Clinic Deborah A. Sivas
The Helen L. Crocker Faculty Scholar Barbara van Schewick
The Josephine Scott Crocker Professorship in Law and Economics A. Mitchell Polinsky
The William Nelson Cromwell Professorship in Law Jane Schacter
The Judge John Crown Professorship in Law George L. Fisher
The Judge John W. Ford Professorship in Dispute Resolution Deborah R. Hensler
The W. A. Franke Professorship in Law and Business Joseph A. Grundfest
The James C. Gaither Professorship in Law Mark G. Kelman
The Edwin A. Heafey, Jr. Visiting Professorship Brian Fletcher
The Edwin A. Heafey, Jr. Visiting Professorship Daniel Hemel
The Edwin E. Huddleson, Jr. Professorship in Law Robert Weisberg
The Deane F. Johnson Faculty Scholar Nora Freeman Engstrom
The Deane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson Professorship in Law Henry T. Greely
The Leah Kaplan Visiting Professorship in Human Rights Beth Van Schaack
The James and Nancy Kelso Professorship Alison D. Morantz
The Marion Rice Kirkwood Professorship in Law Lawrence Friedman
The James and Patricia Kowal Professorship Robert J. MacCoun
The Richard E. Lang Professorship and Deanship at Stanford Law School Jenny S. Martinez
The Stella W. & Ira S. Lillick Professorship Paul Goldstein